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Matched Betting

Matched betting is a method of betting employed by individuals to profit from free bets and incentives
by Bookmakers. Bookmakers are individuals or companies that accepts bets on mostly horse race,
calculate the odds and pay winnings. It also called Back Bet Matching, Lay Bet Matching, Arb Betting or
Double Betting. The uniqueness of Matched Betting is that it is based on mathematical equation rather
than chance. It involves placing multiple bets in order to reduce risk. It may sound strange but Matched
Better is legal and tax free. Most Matched Bettors share tips and advice to keep their customers
accounts thriving.
Matched Betting Calculator
Also called Lay Calculator or Odds Calculator is an important tool used by matched bettors to calculate
the guaranteed profit with the required stake.
Using The Matched Bet Calculator
The calculator does all the required calculation, all that is required is the digits needed by the calculator.
The slots that needs data are: The Bet Type, The Back Stake, The Back Commission, The Lay Odds, The
Lay Commission. All that needs to be done by the user is to slot in the digits for The Bet Type and the
rest up to the Lay Commission and hit calculate. You can also make use of the Matched Betting Software
for the calculations.
Here are some tips to become a good Matched Bettor
For people looking for a cool and easy way to make money, try Matched Betting and there are lots of
profits gained from it. To become a good Matched Bettor, some factors are to be taken into
- Be Keen On Getting The Techniques
The focus should not be on how quick the money can be made but it should be on the methods of
making the money consistently. There are ways of making a considerable amount monthly but that
should not be the first issue to be taken into consideration.
- Consistency Brings Clarity
The Journey is not clear at first but consistently engaging in it will make it clearer. Every doubts will be
cleared as you keep involving yourself in it. There is a good reward for Patience and consistency.
- Easier and Better Way
Most people that bet lose more than they win so they are looking for a better way that they win more
than they lose. Most people are tired of trying different